Slaying YOUR Dragons

I am going to make this as plain and clear as possible… Stop comparing your own unique situation to those around you.

I am saddened by how the students blogging community has dramatically changed since I first started writing years ago, and I am just as guilty as the next guy about falling into the “comparison trap.”  Back in the day we all had our eyes on our own prizes, we all just wanted a little piece of the internet to document our personal journeys, we could get all set to take the GED test, professing our love for whatever physical activity it was that moved us.  I wrote with passion, I didn’t care who read it, I made some awesome friends along the way, and I had no problem with my 10 hits a day.  I was blogging for the sheer joy of having a place to talk about myself all the time.

Then the students blogging industry started booming.  Everyone wanted to be strong, smart, smarter and more successful.  Everyone was fighting for spots in the next ambassador program, wanted to sling giveaways for …